Golf mecca South Carolina launches instant ticket based on popular game from Incredible Technologies

South Carolina is a golfing mecca with nearly 400 courses statewide.  Myrtle Beach alone has 117 top-rated golf courses. If you love golf, South Carolina is the place to go.  And now if you love Golden Tee you can parlay your affection for both real and virtual golf into a huge payday by buying a Golden Tee Golf instant ticket in the South Carolina Education Lottery.  

The tickets cost $2.00 each and players can win up to $20,000. They’re available at all SCEL retail outlets across the state.  

“We hope that the winners of the big prizes are fans of Golden Tee,” said Elaine Hodgson CEO of Golden Tee manufacturer Incredible Technologies.  “It would be a great way of rewarding them for being loyal fans of our game.”  

South Carolina is the second state to issue a Golden Tee themed lottery ticket.  The first was Illinois last year.  

“Golden Tee is a powerful brand and our huge base of players is very attractive to state lotteries and major corporations.  All this exposure is very beneficial to the amusement operators who have purchased our games,” Hodgson said.