Groups like-graphics packages, themes and math models together from IGT

IGT’s bank concepts make shopping for a game in a casino – and playing it – easy and enjoyable. IGT’s bank concepts group like-graphics packages, themes and math models together so players can easily find and play the games they prefer.  

The Ultimate Sevens Bank includes the popular Sunshine 7s and Pharaoh’s 7s Slots. These themes offer a high progressive hit frequency, 3-reels, 5-paylines, and entertaining game play for the in-demand 10-credit spinning reel market. The games also feature quick hit, symbol-driven, 3-level progressives. Three 7s of a single color trigger one of the possible progressive awards. When three wild symbols land, the player wins all three progressives.  

IGT has banked particular games together based on a number of characteristics, one being bonus frequency. IGT’s banked games hit bonuses more often, creating far more excitement than a game standing alone on a busy casino floor. A bank of games with similar graphics, themes or math can tie multiple game events into one larger experience. The games also have feature-driven aspects including RGB lighting, color-coordinated reels to indicate progressive levels, and the sights and sounds players want.  

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