TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette has been granted GLI approval. The GLI-25 approval for dealer-assisted games opens up new markets that have eagerly awaited the product. Its recent successes across the UK, Europe and Africa have developed serious interest from numerous casino groups in other gaming jurisdictions. With GLI, these inquiries can now be taken forward into live trials and installations.

“GLI approval opens up lots of new doors to the potential that TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette delivers,” said Andrew Davies, the company’s business development director for new products. “In territories where GLI is a recognized standard, the new approval assists with the process of introducing the product to gaming floors. In other areas, this associated approval from such an established independent testing lab adds further credibility to the product.”

TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette is an industry first, merging a traditional Roulette table and live croupier with a full-size electronic multiplayer betting surface.

It uses the latest 56-inch Quad HD LCD screen to give a lifelike representation of the layout – designed to deliver total game security, reduced operating costs and substantially increase the number of games per hour. Unlike other touch-screen systems today, TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette can identify individual players and their specific bets with its Touch ID technology, which has patents pending worldwide.

All chip handling, calculation of winnings and payouts are fully automated by the system. Configuration of the table can fit seven-player-single, 14-player-double and 21-player triple-table formats.