New flash-driven micro site supports company's latest gaming innovation – the Konami Podium

Konami Gaming, a leading provider of slot machines and casino management systems for the global gaming market, has unveiled, a flash-driven micro site supporting the launch of Konami Gaming’s latest innovation in gaming technology – the Konami Podium.

“For a company such as Konami, known for being a technological leader, we can’t just walk in with a brochure,” said Ross O’Hanley, senior director of marketing for Konami Gaming. “ allows us to use innovative technology to introduce our product in an enticing manner that will help casino operators better understand the end benefit for their customers.”

Designed and developed by Concussion, a full-service advertising agency based in Fort Worth, Texas, the new site for Podium can be described as an interactive commercial targeted to key slot purchasing decision makers in the casino industry. The site opens with a full-screen flash video, offering visitors a 360-degree view of a 3D rendering of the Podium. On the back end, viewers can click on highlighted parts of the Podium for details on features such as 360-degree lighting effects, a Bose sound system, 3-D displays, ergonomic game play and the smaller footprint. Visitors can even download podium specifications and origami templates, in keeping with Konami’s ‘Born from fun’ brand personality.