Company to install more than a dozen machines in the coming weeks

Interblock’s G4 Organic Roulette Single Zero with between 3 and 10 play stations have been approved by the Italian jurisdiction.

The latest generation of Interblock gaming products has successfully passed the strict licensing and testing “Comma 6A” requirements and is now entering the new Italian arcade market.

The license was issued by the State Monopolies Autonomous Administration (AAMS), the government body that oversees the Italian gaming industry. AAMS has tightened the security in the industry and built a strict set of regulations to control all gaming activity in Italy. The popular electromechanical roulette game is now for the first time allowed to be installed in Italian arcades. In the future, other games will be introduced to the Italian arcade market in order to complete the venues’ game portfolio.

Carlos Chacon, chief executive officer at Dosniha s.l. called Interblock G4 Organic roulette “the favoured multiplayer gaming machine of Italian operators, due to its reputation for outstanding performance, advanced technology and, of course, the unique design.”

He noted that 13 roulettes will be installed in Italy in the coming weeks. “We are very excited to enhance our competitive edge and strengthen our presence in Italian market with such a superior product as the Interblock electromechanical roulette,” Chacon said. “G4 Organic Roulette, designed for Italian arcades in accordance with strict regulations, uses a genuine European roulette wheel with unique illumination and carbon fibre brim for outstanding durability. The contemporary, bold and ergonomically designed device enhances both value and the gaming experience arcades are able to provide to their players. Gaming devices by Interblock are manufactured in Slovenia in trade collaboration with Gorenje,” said Thomas Zvipelj, chief executive officer at Elektroncek d.d., the Slovenia-based manufacturer of electro-mechanical multi-station gaming products marketed under the brand name Interblock.

The fourth generation of multi-terminal gaming systems by Interblock supports the latest technological standards, such as online protocol, a metal enclosure – cage for sensitive electronic devices, USB communication in the play terminal and introduces a new kind of UPS solution based on high-performance capacitors. G4 Organic multiplayer gaming machines interface with surroundings using a dynamic full-spectrum LED illumination and detect the presence of players using infra-red motion detection sensors.