New 25-line video slot introduces company's Instant Bonus feature

With IntuiCode Gaming’s new 25-line video slots, winning has never been so hot! As the first theme introducing IntuiCode’s Instant Bonus feature, Habanero Dinero delivers wild symbols and free spins along with an exciting pre-spin 5-Alarm Instant Bonus. Players are thrilled by the instant bonus alarm that can interrupt their spin at anytime and award up to 200 times their total wager. Adding to the bonus excitement is the Habanero Heat-O-Meter. With every spin, the Heat-O-Meter will select a multiplier of 1, 2 or 3 times compounding the excitement of each line and scatter win.

Other available IntuiCode titles utilizing these exciting features include Slush Funds, Enchanted Treasures and Pampered Pets.

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