New Play is a first-of-its-kind web-based marketing platform that directly extends traditional new customer acquisition activities onto the Internet

GameLogic, Inc., a provider of interactive marketing services for the U.S. regulated gaming industry, on Wednesday introduced New Play, a cost-effective, high-impact solution for the greatest challenge facing today's gaming operators - attracting new players.

New Play is a first-of-its-kind, turnkey, web-based marketing platform that directly extends traditional new customer acquisition activities onto the Internet.

“Today, attracting new customers is more important then ever,” said John E. Taylor, Jr., GameLogic president and chief executive officer. “With New Play's player portal and unique games, a gaming operator immediately creates a sense of membership and ‘stake’ in their property or games among targeted prospects. As important, operators can easily and efficiently transition those prospects into customers.”

New Play combines web-based player registration and profiling with an interactive new player portal including PlayAway games - all working in concert to attract prospective patrons, capture them into a marketing database, provide them a daily chance to win, and ultimately instill in them a sense of “stake” in the associated casino property or lottery program. The result: eligible prospects convert into first-time customers quickly and easily.

New Play includes three key components:

Web-based registration designed to initiate an online relationship with prospective customers; collect contact information including email, address, mobile phone numbers (for SMS), etc.; and manage all aspects of the relationship including subscriber opt-in management.

GameLogic's PlayAway suite of online fun, bonus-delivery and tournament games designed to engage players in a daily Internet-based relationship and then have them build-up “stake” in the casino property or lottery program, promoting an urgency to become an active customer.

The New Play Web portal, providing prospective members a personal, online “play space,” complete with free online games surrounded by a new player oriented marketing calendar, promotions, advertisements and more. The portal is the focal point for all marketing programs and vehicles, tracking each call to action (through email offers, PlayAway games, etc.) and containing general messaging as well as all of the information relevant to that prospective patron and his/her burgeoning relationship with the property.

New Play heavily leverages GameLogic's popular PlayAway product suite. “Traditional player acquisition programs foster awareness, but they don't fundamentally change player behavior. PlayAway does by giving players a daily chance to feel like a winner - right over the Internet - fueling a primary emotion inside all gamblers,” Taylor said.

New Play is delivered as a turnkey system, which is simple to implement and inexpensive to operate. GameLogic operates New Play under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in which the platform is licensed for use as a service on demand. GameLogic hosts the application on its own web servers and performs as a technology and marketing service bureau for day-to-day operations and support.