Infinity Games is unveiling a new concept in multiplayer roulette, the MP-12/3, offering players the option of betting three wheels at the same time.

The MP-12/3 uses Cammegh’s Slingshot 2 automatic wheel, which delivers more than 60 games per hour, leaving more than 35 seconds for betting time, and allows betting even when the ball is spinning. A jackpot option also is available.

Versatile and highly modular, the platform can support as many as 200 player stations in any configuration in conjunction with four different wheels, both automatic and live. The attractive, player-friendly interface is multilingual and is centered upon a 19-inch high-resolution LCD monitor, touch screen interactivity, multi-value chip bets, brilliant 3D graphics and digital sound and a screen-in-screen display. And it supports ticket play and Atronic’s Chip Cash system.

Infinity says the GLI-approved Slingshot 2 is the most authentic, accurate and reliable automatic roulette wheel on the market, combining random rotor and ball speed at launch with Cammegh’s unique Active Rotor Control system, which after “no more bets” imperceptibly changes the rotor to a new random speed. The ball is launched on a puff of air and is met by a random blast of air from discreet jets mounted in the ball track. To enhance security the “no more bets” signal and winning number are recognized by three in-rim laser sensors. During the game cycle the ball remains in view at all times, reassuring players and maintaining the integrity of the wheel.

Individual game-box computers in each terminal guarantee maximum up-time. The user-friendly service menu allows for quick machine configuration. And the system supports the latest SAS protocol.