COLORS is a new roulette betting option from Casino Gaming, LLC

Casino Gaming, LLC, creator of the blackjack side bet Automatic Win and the new craps betting option 7 Point 7, debuted COLORS, a new roulette betting option, Wednesday at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The betting option is fairly simple. Normal roulette rules apply to the regular game, but players have the option of betting that either Black or Red will hit three consecutive times. If a player’s chosen color comes up three times in a row, the player is paid 8 to 1. If the player’s color does not come up three times consecutively, the player loses the bet. COLORS has a house edge of 4.34 percent compared to the standard 5.26 percent house edge for all the other roulette bets, making COLORS the most favorable bet on the roulette table for the player, according to Frank Mugnolo, president of Casino Gaming LLC.

“This is the best bet on the roulette table for the player,” Mugnolo said. “This is really going to take off.”

The betting option is already available on Celebrity Cruise lines, which is set to add the bet to even more tables, Mugnolo noted. In addition, it is being added to games on Royal Caribbean cruise lines as well.

Players are enthusiastic about the side bet, he said. “I think it’s the simplicity of the bet,” he said. In addition, Mugnolo said, players like the fact that they have the ability to hedge their bet. For instance, if their color has come up two consecutive times, they can make a regular roulette bet on the opposite color, and win something either way.

On Wednesday, Southern Californian Matilda Luna was the first person to try out the new betting option at The Orleans. She placed her side bet on black and lost. But, Luna said that wouldn’t keep her from trying the side bet again.

“It’s pretty neat,” Luna said, adding that roulette is her favorite game. “8 to 1 is pretty good,” she said of the payback for side-bet wins. Her companion agreed, noting that he likes the potential opportunity to hedge his bet.

Mugnolo said he has corporate deals with Boyd Gaming, which owns The Orleans, and Harrah’s Entertainment to place the betting option on roulette games at their properties. Bally’s Atlantic City and Harrah’s Joliet are among the hotel-casinos in line to get the product next.

In addition, Mugnolo said, Casino Gaming will showcase the side bet at its booth at the Global Gaming Expo in November.