Offers four games at once with top box interaction and 3-D effects

Players who enjoy MultiPLAY love to chase all four games at once in a single spin, love the extra bonuses, and are seeking out this new way to game on floors in all regions. Now operators can capitalize on the next generation of these games but with top box interaction and 3-D to excite players in the highly anticipated Little Green Men Attack! Video Slot.

Games such as Little Green Men Attack! and Deal with the Devil video slots feature a unique wagering concept determined by IGT’s advanced dynamic wager intelligence. Players can choose to play up to four games. Game play outcomes on the first three reels of the base game are transported in 3-D up to the three additional games in the top box.

If a winning combination or 3-D scatter pay symbol appears in the bottom game, the player will be given the choice to make an additional wager to spin reel 4 on all played games. Each symbol has a predefined value based on the probability and size of the wins. The dynamic calculation formulates the complete three-reel winning combination to find the cost to spin reel 4, and likewise on reel 5. If the player chooses not to spin the fourth reel, the game ends and wins are collected. If the player chooses to spin reel 4, then each played game will spin its fourth reel to an independent result, paying any resulting wins.