Brings exciting community gaming concept to casino floors

Blazing Hot Tournament from Bally Technologies introduces an exciting, pulse-pounding and action-packed community gaming concept to casino floors.

When the tournament bonus round is randomly triggered, large LCD displays above each game switch from attract mode to tournament mode with accompanying sound effects. Players then engage in a friendly and spirited competition as they vie for the top spot to achieve the highest payouts possible.

What makes Blazing Hot Tournament unique is a special “Tournament Prize Meter” styled like a thermometer that is displayed on the right side of the screen.

When the tournament mode is randomly triggered by a Mystery Spin mechanism, this meter serves two purposes – first, it determines eligibility to participate in the tournament. The player must tap the “Spin” button to keep moving upward. If the meter falls to zero when the tournament begins, the player cannot participate. Second, the higher the meter goes, the more money the player will win in the tournament round. For example, if the player reaches the top of the meter, it will display the cash amount the player will be eligible to win once the tournament starts. However, if the player slows or stops tapping the Spin button, the meter starts falling to zero. There are two additional points on the meter marked “2nd and 3rd” where the player will be eligible for a lesser amount when the tournament starts. This encourages players to keep quickly tapping the Spin button in order to reach the top.

During tournament play, the large LCD screens above each game each display three reels. As the reels spin, players rack up points for winning combinations. This creates a buzz of excitement around the game as onlookers cheer on the contestants, hoping that their favorite will place first.

At the conclusion of the tournament round, the results are flashed on the screen, and the winning payouts are added to the players’ credit totals based on how they finished.

In the base game, players vie for a variety of exciting payout opportunities, including an on-screen cash wheel mini-bonus. This bonus is initiated when three scattered Cash Wheel symbols appear in the base game. A Cash Wheel appears with eleven prize possibilities. The wheel spins automatically, awarding the player with a credit bonus multiplied by the total bet.

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