New product is the first community bonus for video poker

Revved up with the first community bonus for video poker, Hot Pursuit Poker is based on the popular Triple Play and Five Play Draw Poker games. Players will be entertained with the sights and sounds of racetrack action while “playing for trips.”

Each one of these 3-of-a-kinds, or “trips,” in the base game qualifies the player for a lap in the bonus round. The first player to accumulate three trips (or laps) initiates the bonus for everyone.

The anticipation builds as track sound effects alert the entire community as to who is qualifying and with how many laps. With this true, multiplayer, community bonusing experience, everyone will be excited to see who can initiate the bonus first. But all will celebrate the experience together whenever it is triggered because every player in the bonus is a winner. This is a buy-a-pay bonus delivering value to the player.

The Big Spin Poker bonus is based on popular Spin Poker game play. The initiating player spins the cards to reveal the start of three premium hands – one each on a horizontal pay line. Players who have qualified with one 3-of-a-kind get to play the bottom pay line. Players who have qualified with two 3-of-a-kinds get to play the bottom and middle pay lines. The player who has triggered the bonus game gets to play all three pay lines.

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