STARGATE SG-1 allows players to enter a new dimension of linked gaming

Players at several casinos across Portugal have entered a new dimension of linked gaming with STARGATE SG-1. Available on the premium double screen e² cabinet and based on the blockbuster movie and globally popular TV series, STARGATE SG-1 offers five distinct bonuses and four progressive levels. Furthermore it features an eye-catching merchandising package that is drawing players into another galaxy.

At Casino Lisbon, players were drawn right away to the new STARGATE SG-1 games: “The new STARGATE SG-1 machines have proven an immediate success with our clients,” said Carlos Campos, slots director at Casino Lisbon. “Players have been excited to enter the Jackpot Bonus and we are confident that the new STARGATE SG-1 slot machines will continue to be such a big hit with our players.”

Players at Casino Da Figueira were also swept into new dimension of linked gaming: “It’s great to see that our players have immediately reacted so excited about the new STARGATE SG-1 machines,” said Fernando Martins, gaming director at Casino Da Figueira. “Our guests are really enjoying the five rich-paying bonus features those games are offering.”

Following into the footsteps of Casinos Lisbon and Figueira da Foz, players at Casino Da Póvoa now also can enjoy the new STARGATE SG-1 games: “Our guests have immediately liked the new STARGATE SG-1 machines and the attractive signage package. The five distinct bonus features, combined with four progressive jackpot levels and three individual base games have proven very successful with our players,” said José Fernando Silva, slot floor manager at Casino Da Póvoa.

The STARGATE SG-1 link features a highly attractive theme – the longest running Sci-Fi series in American TV history, sold worldwide and awarded many consumer prizes. With four progressive jackpot levels offered, players can win big with STARGATE SG-1! By playing the optional bonus bet players get the chance to win five different link bonuses in addition to the individual bonus features of the base games. Such multitude of different bonuses and game features is sure to keep players excited and make them come back again and again.

“We are very pleased that Casinos Lisbon, Da Figueira and Da Póvoa have chosen our new multibonus progressive link STARGATE SG-1 and that the games have immediately proven successful with their players,” said Javier Sevilliano, Atronic sales agent for Portugal and Spain. “This decision once again demonstrates their dedication to providing their players with the best product offering and services available.”

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