Ladbrokes has launched Microgaming’s new 1Click Poker client.

1Click Poker takes a new approach to an old problem - how best to get new players active and playing online. Players opening the client are presented with three easily understandable decisions: real money or play money; ring game or sit ‘n’ go; and how much they’d like to buy-in for. One click confirms their choice and the player is immediately seated.

Built using Flash, 1Click Poker is Mac and PC compatible and can be played in a wide range of browsers. The release of 1Click Poker is a continuation of Microgaming’s overarching network strategy to attract and protect recreational players, and it follows on from other recent initiatives such as the change to the rake allocation method and the ban on datamining.

Although simple in appearance, the new client demonstrates innovation at its finest. The interface is intuitive, user-friendly and visually appealing; making access to games on the Microgaming Poker Network quick and easy. 1Click Poker will also introduce several of Microgaming’s award-winning casino games and Multi-Table Tournaments in the coming months.

“It is with immense pleasure that we unveil this innovation to the industry,” said Andrew Clucas, head of poker at Microgaming Software Systems, the power behind the Microgaming Poker Network. “The concept driving our work on 1Click Poker is ’Everything a player needs, presented clearly and logically.’ We believe this new product will be hugely popular with operators and players alike.”

Kate McLennan, head of poker at Ladbrokes Poker, said Ladbrokes is very excited to launch 1Click Poker. “It is so easy to use and start playing, and it fits in perfectly with Ladbrokes’ efforts to bring Poker To The People.,” McLennan said.

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