Cash Spin brings together several unique technologies for a gaming experience unlike anything else

Bally Technologies introduces Cash Spin, a breakthrough video-gaming device that brings together several unique technologies, creating an extraordinary gaming experience unlike anything else in today’s market.

This dramatic new gaming device combines Bally’s visually stunning and immensely successful V32 video platform with Bally’s Interactive Reels technology, allowing the game to be played both as a video and as a reel-spinner at the same time. Unique graphic animations appear to float across the reels during bonus rounds, while the video overlay fades into the background during normal game play, allowing the mechanical reels underneath to come to the visual foreground.

What truly sets Cash Spin apart is the massive, brightly colored spinning wheel which occupies two-thirds of the video display above the mechanical reels. In the bonus round, the player actually spins the wheel on the screen – backwards, forwards, slow or fast – and the wheel reacts just as if it were an actual physical wheel. This realism is further enhanced by true-to-life sound effects mimicking the “clack clack” sound of a physical wheel slowing down. This special “U-Spin” touch-enabled high-definition display screen senses both the pressure and speed of a person’s hand gestures as they slide their finger across the wheel, thus providing a new level of player control and interaction.

Cash Spin is configured as a three-reel, 25-line game with a 200-credit max bet, (including the U-Spin bonus bet). The game also features a two-level, internal/external progressive with a top award of 500,000 credits X denomination. Players will also enjoy Cash Spin’s exciting Free Games and Money Bags bonuses.

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