Cars is the first title to feature company's innovative Sidewinder Reels

It’s time to accelerate the exceptional with Cars, the fast-paced, new Magic Touch video slot game by the innovative thinkers at Incredible Technologies (IT).

Cars is a 25-line game that looks, sounds and plays like no other on the casino floor. Beyond its show-stopping graphics and animations, Cars is the first title to feature Sidewinder Reels - IT’s gaming innovation where reels spin horizontally instead of vertically.

Players take the wheel as they spin car symbols through a busy street scene to earn fun and understandable line wins as they match like automobiles. In addition, a variety of exciting instant winners, double-up games are added to the experience and – of course – IT’s signature Truckin’ for Bucks bonus game. Players are challenged to weave their way down the Money Toll Way, choosing lanes for the biggest payouts before making their big bonus deposit.

Cars is available with IT’s award-winning Versatile Volatility technology, featuring three selectable volatility levels for players to experience - Cars: Fast Cash Drive (Often), Cars: In High Gear (Steady) and Cars: At Full Speed (Big). Cars is multi-denominational and can be fine-tuned for any casino with more than 30 available pay tables.

Cars is GLI approved and available in select jurisdictions.

For more information visit the game’sWeb page, or view thevideo trailer.