Introduces three new Monte Carlo steppers: Rich&Famous, Red Sevens and Five-Line

The sophisticated allure of the chic gaming salons of Monte Carlo are echoed in Bally Technologies’ newest series of SpinNation spinning-wheel slots: Monte Carlo Royale.

For nearly four decades, the Monte Carlo name has been featured on some of Bally’s most popular and successful reel-spinning and video gaming products. Now, Bally takes the Monte Carlo brand to the next level with three brand-new steppers, each with its own specific game math: Monte Carlo Royale Rich&Famous, Monte Carlo Royale Red Sevens, and Monte Carlo Royale Five-Line.

Each game is distinguished by subtle color changes in the lighted bezel of the spinning-wheel top box: Blue for Monte Carlo Royale Rich&Famous; purple for Monte Carlo Royale Five Line; and red for Monte Carlo Royale Red Sevens. Outwardly, the players won’t know the difference. But the casino operator will, because each of these games can be configured to suit a slot floor’s specific needs. For example, Monte Carlo Royale Rich&Famous and Monte Carlo Royale Red Sevens are three-reel, one-line games with a three-credit max bet, while Monte Carlo Royale Five Line is a three-reel, five-line game with a five-credit max bet.

All three games share the same single-level, internal/external progressive configuration. They also share the same Wheel Spin Bonus, which is triggered by a reel-tape symbol with max credits wagered. The player is prompted to press the “Spin” button to spin the top-box-mounted spinning bonus wheel for a guaranteed bonus win.

Capture the excitement and European flair of Monte Carlo with this exciting trio of new Monte Carlo Royale SpinNation games from Bally Technologies. Because nothing thrills players like the anticipation of spinning the wheel and landing on that top-prize money space.

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