Ainsworth's Winning Wolf showcases eight free games on 15 reels

Win your way to fortune with Winning Wolf, Ainsworth’s latest game in the outstanding Play 100Lines / Play 50Lines range.

Available in the dual widescreen A560 cabinet, Winning Wolf includes the stunning Play 100Lines / Play 50Lines concept, providing even more stacked symbols, double the lines and double the excitement. Winning Wolf awards eight exciting free games with a whopping 15 reels where each appearing wild is held for the remainder of the free games. In addition, Winning Wolf offers frequent retriggers providing even further excitement and anticipation.

Available in multiple A560 cabinet configurations with the two level standalone “$”Mystery on screen jackpot, Winning Wolf will definitely provide your players with a phenomenal new level of excitement. Winning Wolf targets one cent play with 50Line & 100Line fixed betting options. Furthermore, Winning Wolf is available in the new Play 2 credits for 1 line concept.

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