Game offers strong brand and three progressive jackpots

If your idea of fancy mood lightin’ is a bug light from the hardware store, you might be a redneck. And you’ll love playing Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Rumble, the newest Triple Standalone Progressive from Aristocrat.

Rednecks, rabbit ear antenna TVs, bug lights, fishin’ poles, trucks, beer cans and trailers never looked so good, thanks to Aristocrat’s incredible GEN7 platform that powers the five-reel video slot game. All the fun is housed in Aristocrat’s award-winning VIRIDIAN cabinet – much better than a trailer – along with a unique, themed topper designed to stand out on the casino floor.

Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Rumble lights up the gaming floor with a strong brand players already know and love. The game is a triple standalone progressive, where players can win one of three progressive jackpots, giving them even more reasons to stop and play. The mini jackpot start up is 1,000 credits; the minor start up is 10,000 credits; and the major start up is 100,000 credits.

Designed for the 1-cent, 2-cent or 5-cent player, this Triple Standalone Progressive is a 30-line game with a 10-credit ante bet, a minimum 40-credit bet and four interactive bonus features. The feature frequency is rated frequent and the game volatility is rated high.

Backyard Beer Hunt, the progressive bonus feature, will have players in the yard outside the trailer, picking through the “lawn ornaments” (a.k.a. trash) for beer cans. Just like in life, the more beer cans the better.

Three interactive bonus features also await players. In Truck-O-War players pick their pony as two rednecks go back-to-back with their trucks. In Stink Bait Bonus, players go fishin’ in the blow up pool for fish, or even gators. Foxworthy Free-For-All awards free games and multipliers.

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