Wheel of Fortune Secret Spins features an innovative tilting Reel Wheel

Wheel of Fortune Secret Spins, IGT’s latest in its line of popular Wheel of Fortune games, features an innovative tilting Reel Wheel, the ability to play two games at once and plenty of exciting bonus opportunities.

Wheel of Fortune Secret Spins is a Reel MultiPLAY Slot, offering double the fun with two independent games and two unique spins of the innovative tilting Reel Wheel, exclusive to IGT. Each game is three reels with a single pay line based on popular Double Diamond game math. This game is offered in nickel, quarter and dollar denominations and delivers simple game play but with high entertainment and bonus anticipation. It is offered on the S MLD cabinet featuring 3-D technology that creates the look and feel of mechanical reels plus animates symbols that pop out on the reels.

With the nickel configuration, the player can play one game at five credits or both games at 10 credits up to a maximum bet of 30 credits per game or 60 credits for both games. With the quarter and dollar configurations, the player can play one game at three credits or both games at six credits. Maximum credit-bet is six credits per game or 12 credits for both games.

When playing only one game, the bonus feature is the same as the original three-reel, single-pay-line Wheel of Fortune slots. The Wheel of Fortune bonus symbol on the third reel on the pay line initiates a spin of the wheel. The top box wheel spins once, and when it stops, the pay aligned with the indicator is awarded and the bonus ends. When both games are played, the traditional Wheel of Fortune bonus may initiate in game one, but a second Secret Spins bonus also may initiate on game two, awarding multipliers in addition to the credit value won in the Wheel of Fortune bonus.

If the Wheel of Fortune bonus initiates on game one, but no Secret Spins symbols appear in game two, then the game one Wheel of Fortune bonus plays out and the value the wheel lands on is awarded. But if the Wheel of Fortune bonus initiates on game one and then one, two or three Secret Spin symbols appear anywhere on the reels of game two, the top box wheel tilts on its axis and spins awarding multipliers along the edge of the wheel. The multipliers are additive and the player always starts with 1x multiplier. The multiplier awarded during the Secret Spins bonus is added to the 1x multiplier and can total as high as 31x. Once the multiplier total is awarded, the wheel tilts back to the flat surface and spins, awarding a credit value. The credit value is added to the multiplier value for a total win awarded to the player.

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