New three-level bingo game available only through IGT

Queen Isabella Bingo is an innovative three-level game available only through IGT.

Players familiar with Cave King Bingo and the “3-Level Games” brand will enjoy this game. First-level base game play initiates a second-level Free Games bonus in which players collect letters on reels to spell the word “CROWN” to achieve the third-level “Pick to Win” multiplier bonus. The second-level bonus with up to 15 free spins combines with the third-level multiplier bonus to generate plenty of player excitement.

Donning the new bingo interface, this noble theme features Stacked Wilds and stacked major symbols on 40 pay lines. IGT recommends banking Queen Isabella Bingo with other “3-Level Games” to highlight game brand for optimal performance and player recognition.

Queen Isabella Bingo is available on IGT’s newest machine models – the G20 Upright, G22 and GL22 Slant. These new bingo models were designed from the ground up to ensure player comfort, convenience and playability. Using the knowledge from respected industrial design experts, IGT’s new machines reflect design and technology to enhance a player’s overall experience.

It is an operator-configurable multidenomination game.

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