First game to use neural net technology, simulating the operation of the human brain

Groundbreaking technology brings the world’s most popular card game to video poker format.

IGT’s Texas Hold’em Heads Up Poker, developed by G2 Gaming, is the first game to use neural net technology, a mathematical model that simulates the operation of the human brain. A wide variety of players will be entertained by playing an opponent like no other – a program developed to be a dynamic decision-making engine.

With no rake and no pay table, decisions are made based on the current game state, but unlike a live opponent, it does not “learn” a player’s strategy. This scenario creates a less-intimidating version of a live table game. Players can also ante up the action with a side bet bonus to enter a Multi-Hit Stud game or a bad Beat jackpot played out in the top box. Stunning graphics create an engaging table experience with raucous card shuffling, clinking chips and a smoldering stogie to complete the fascinating backdrop to all the poker action.

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