New six-player game comes from IntuiCode Gaming and Ingenio

Zodiak Revolution upgrades players' thrill level tenfold with a 6-planet concept spinning inside a celestial roulette. Signs, Seasons and Planet Alignments are just a few of the bets offered to the player, to choose from with a simple touch.

The six-player circular setup facing a giant screen where the drawing takes place makes the game a common, shared experience for the players, as they select their bets and let the planets ride.

Players are totally immersed when surrounded by Zodiak Revolution's gripping music and astonishing visuals.

Simultaneously, six planets fly through a celestial wheel, eventually landing on one of the 12 zodiac signs.

Zodiak Revolution is brought to you by IntuiCode Gaming and Ingenio. Visit us at G2E - Booth #2110!