Captures the excitement and tradition of this prestigious and highly anticipated annual racing event

Based on Bally’s award-winning ALPHA Elite V32 vertical widescreen video platform, Breeders’ Cupcaptures all of the excitement, sophistication and tradition of this prestigious and highly anticipated annual thoroughbred racing event. From the familiar post call of the trumpet to the enthusiasm of the track announcer to the thrilling finish, Bally’s new Breeders Cup video slot captivates and delights players with its exciting animations and authentic sound effects. Strains of the famous William Tell Overture and the galloping sound of horses’ hooves lend even more realism to this remarkable gaming device.

In the Horse Race Bonus Round, players vie for up to five lucrative progressive jackpots. Five horses representing these progressive levels compete in a pulse-quickening race to see who finishes first. This triggers unlimited free spins until a horse reaches the finish line and is declared the winner. During these free spins, special “Advance” symbols landing on one of the five reels during each spin will move the horse one space on the race track. At the conclusion of the race, the screen displays the front page of a newspaper with a banner headline proclaiming the winner. If more than one horse reaches the finish line it is a “photo finish.” During a photo finish, all horses crossing the finish line will win and the player will be awarded the corresponding jackpot.

Beautifully executed on Bally’s stunning ALPHA Elite V32 video cabinet, Breeders Cup commands attention on the casino floor with its tall and colorful presence. It features five reels, 40 lines and a 200-credit max bet. The game’s top progressive jackpot is 1,000 credits X the total max bet X denomination.

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