WMS’ award-winningMetascreen™ technologydebuts with Pirate Battle, a 2-vs-2 competitive Community Gaming® theme that introduces a whole new take on communal bonusing we’re calling Team Compete to Win™.

Offered on our Bluebird xD™ gaming cabinet, Metascreen takes special 32-inch overhead monitors on each of the four-unit bank’s machines and links them together to create a massive, singular screen on which the two players on the left compete with the two players on the right (the red and blue teams) to win randomly triggered bonus rounds. In addition, Metascreen technology gets the rest of the casino floor into the excitement of the bonus rounds with WMS’ award-winning Experience Design elements, including emotive lighting packages designed to highlight the bonus round excitement.

When the Pirate Battle bonus rounds trigger, the overhead Metascreen depicts cannon battles in which red and blue teams, denoted by emotive lighting at the EGM level, compete for credit and jackpot awards in two different Team Compete to Win bonuses!

Preview it now on video: