New game on company's spectacular new ALPHA 2 Pro Hammerhead Upright cabinet

Bally Technologies introduces Money Vault on its new ALPHA 2 Pro Hammerhead Upright cabinet. This dominating new video top box breaks new ground with its industry-leading design and spectacular top-box display. The Hammerhead features a jumbo-sized 32-inch upper display with a Super Pointer that delivers vibrant, high-definition video, custom game sounds, and full-color LED lighting effects to not just the player, but anyone nearby.

As one of the first games on the Hammerhead cabinet, players eagerly anticipate a wealth of jackpots, including a life-changing top award that starts at $1 million, as Money Vault’s dramatic 3-D wheel spins for all to see. Money Vault feature’s Bally U-Spin gesture-control play mechanic, in which the player, not a button, spins the virtual bonus wheel by touching the main game display.

The U-Spin wheel is synchronized with the top-box display – making every bonus event a celebration for everyone to see. The colorful Super Pointer flashes in sync with the 3-D virtual bonus wheel and the illuminated LED side bezels. A dazzling Super Candle is also synchronized with game play, adding to the eye-catching excitement.

Money Vault features Bally’s patented Directional Wilds play mechanic. When the Wild dial appears on reel three, the symbol morphs into a spinner and points to an edge or corner. The player’s anticipation increases while new Wilds replace all symbols in the direction shown by the pointer, potentially creating pays from an outcome that had none, or making new larger pays from smaller ones. Directional Wilds features the same “one spin,” but with “multiple outcomes” concept that has powered other high-performing games, in which a spin that initially had one outcome is improved. This feature can lead to huge wins for the player, adding tremendous excitement and anticipation in the base game.

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