Don’t be late! You’ve got a very important date with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland slot. The new game offers players a unique adventure and endless entertainment during each sitting. The rich game content from the world-renowned storybook takes players on a fantastical journey into the one and only Wonderland, and the narration promotes constant player interaction with the game.

This MegaJackpot game boasts an elaborately decorated topbox, featuring five bonus paths and an LCD to display bonus and game alerts. This eye-catching slot will attract players of all ages, as it caters to the imaginative, adventure seeker in all of us. Who doesn’t love the childhood classic Alice in Wonderland? The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland slot promises to keep players engaged with its adaptive Cheshire Cat feature and the six total bonuses offered. Wonderland nonsense has never been so much fun. The game has selectable denominations and a payback percentage range of 89.91 to 93.50 percent. That top award is 40,000 credits.

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