Bally Technologies' Cash Spin, part of the SpinNation line of wheel games

The highlight of Cash Spin, one of several new offerings in Bally’s SpinNation line of wheel games, is its innovative U-Spin technology, which allows players to directly set a virtual wheel in motion either backward or forward and “slow” or “fast” as if it was an actual physical wheel.

U-Spin is just one of the breakthroughs available on Bally’s advanced Alpha Elite V32 platform with iReels, which combines reels and a high-definition 32-inch video screen in an exciting and economical vertical format that includes an attention-grabbing LED-active light bezel surrounding the monitor.

It’s all designed to take slot play to a stunning new level.

This new level comes to the fore with Cash Spin’s “Wheel Bonus” (one of its three bonus games), when players “spin” the video-screen wheel via a special touch-activated technology that senses both the pressure and the speed of the player’s hand movements.

The main game is a three-reel, 25-line offering available in denominations from 1 cent to 25 cents with a 200-credit max bet. Internal and external progressives are optional. The top prize equals 500,000 times the denomination.