Imagine a new entry in the Innovation Series™ Category

Introducing Dean Martin’s Vegas Shindig™, one of the launching themes in the new series, and latest addition to the successful Innovation Series™ family, Reel Boost™. This exciting new series features a unique 6-Reel configuration with 192 paylines and 6-of-a-kind payouts! Games with clumped reel strips have typically had low pay tables, but by adding a 6th reel, Reel Boost games feature clumped symbols with increased prizes! The Reel Boost series also features a flipped-reel mechanic for the bonus rounds and an optional dual-level standalone progressive.

Dean Martin’s Vegas Shindig includes a Mystery Symbol Feature, as well as a Free Spin Bonus. During base and bonus play, when 1 or more Mystery Symbols appear on reels 2 through 6, they automatically transform into 1 of the 2 symbols appearing on reel 1. If 2 of the same symbols appear on reel 1, then the Mystery Symbols automatically transform into WILDs! Players can trigger the Dean Martin’s Vegas Shindig Free Spin Bonus with 6, 5, 4, or 3 Bonus symbols, and are awarded 5, 3, 2, or 1 Free Spins, respectively.

Adding to the action, Free Spins are awarded from BONUS REELS, with the reels and lines “flipped”!

Dean Martin’s Vegas Shindig, available exclusively on the Bluebird®2 and Bluebird xD™ cabinets, is sure to be another player-favorite! learn more today!