Mahjong Dynasty

The ancient Chinese game of Mahjong has endured hundreds of iterations since its mythical inception some 2,000 years ago.Mahjong Dynastyis a celebration the game’s ancient roots in the form of enchanting video slot experience.

Mahjong Dynasty is the third game in Incredible Technologies’ successful Angle Pay Lines category, utilizing angled symbol orientations to enable larger jackpot opportunities. The game features 15 lines and a symbol collection comprised of recognizable Mahjong game tiles. The scene is set among a serene koi pond adorned with ancient Chinese ornamentals and wins are celebrated with ancient painted scrolls of Mahjong.

Five scattered stacks of coins in a spin trigger the Firefly Bonus--an inviting pick ‘em with illuminating credit win opportunities. Players can win up to 15,000 credits (at max bet) by selecting the most rewarding fireflies as they light the serene nighttime sky.

Mahjong Dynasty features forced bet options of 1x, 3x, 6x and 18x. Top award is 395,000 credits at max bet and operators can fine tune payback percentage between 85-98 percent in 1 percent increments.

Mahjong Dynasty is the newest addition to the Innovation Collection comprised of casino games built on a foundation of feature-rich innovation, straight from the IT development lab. The Innovation Collection is offered in conjunction with a Traditional Collection of games with a focus on comfortable reel configurations, player anticipation, bonus events, exciting win animations and simple interfaces.

Mahjong Dynasty debuted at the 2011 Southern Gaming Summit and is available now.

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