Includes a suite of sensory innovations that heighten the player experience beyond game content

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The Bluebird xD from WMS earns its name, Experience Design, with a suite of sensory innovations that heighten the player experience beyond game content. By mastering every sensory element and implementing new levels of interactivity, this groundbreaking cabinet amplifies the player experience exponentially. More than just introducing a new form factor to casino floors, Bluebird xD creates entirely new dimensions in gaming entertainment and player engagement.

A state-of-the-art emotive lighting system creates a first-time-ever bank-level celebration based on in-game activity. This new dimension of interactivity draws players to game banks with choreographed lighting that underscores their individual experience. The emotive lighting is used to uniquely build anticipation, highlight bonus events and celebrate and broadcast big wins.

Bluebird xD gives operators powerful options. Because it is available in video and 3-reel or 5-reel mechanical Transmissive Reels versions, it allows operators to alternate from video to mechanical. It allows for all aspects of networked gaming and configuration options provide for unique gaming experiences.

With the powerful CPU-NXT2 technology platform and the option of networked game enablement, the Bluebird xD brings a new category of slot-game entertainment to the forefront. Creating for the very first time an interactive experience between the gaming cabinet and the advanced WMS game play features, the BB xD offers a fully engaged and one-of-a-kind experience for slot players.

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