Part of its Organic G4 Products group, game has12 play stations

Elektroncek has successfully installed its Organic Twins Roulette game, part of its Organic G4 Products group, in the Magic Dice Arcade of Grobbendonk City in Belgium. Players responded positively to the Organic Twins Roulette with 12 play stations, according to officials.

“We are excited but at the same time not surprised about the players' response. The machine looks wonderful and the decision to have the black red design color combination couldn’t have been better as suits the arcade perfectly. We are anxiously waiting for the installation of the Player Information Display,” said Dirk Nuyts, director of bingo service, Magic Dice Arcade.

Organic Twins is a multigame, multidenomination, multiplayer platform. The casino can select between any combination of available games: Roulette (Single Zero or Double Zero), dice (Craps or Sic Bo), and video games. The multigame-enabled twins gaming machine offers two mechanical random generators, any desired number of video game units and a player information display all in one single gaming machine.

“This is the first of eight Organic Twin Roulettes with 12 play stations, which will be installed in the Arcades of the Bingo Service Company. It was great to see the player’s enthusiasm and even more the way the machine stands out on the gaming floor. I believe no one was left disappointed,” said Clemens Sitar, regional sales manager.