Take a journey through Middle-earth in this adaptation of company's Adaptive Gaming product category

Taking Adaptive Gaming to an epic level!

Take a journey through Middle-earth along the storyline of this major motion picture trilogy in this adaptation of WMS’ Adaptive Gaming product category.

Players progressing through this dynamic storyline will randomly accumulate miles – the more miles you collect, the more bonus content you’ll be able to unlock. In addition to two randomly triggered Wild symbol features, The Lord of the Rings contains eight bonuses, unlockable both at the game and online.

Players may also randomly discover one of five industry-first Power Spin awards, player-triggered spin enhancers that may be deployed as players choose to enhance spins with multipliers, wild symbols, one-symbol bonus triggers and more.

On top of all the exciting in-game content, players can save their progress through a unique login and pick-up where they left off on their next casino visit!

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