Reflect company's goal of providing innovative and groundbreaking new tournament formats and products

Isle of Man-based Microgaming, a provider of online gaming software, has unveiled a host of innovative changes to its popular Slot and Blackjack Tournament schedule, which will be offered by participating Microgaming casino operators.

The changes reflect Microgaming’s desire to constantly enhance its casino offering by providing operators with innovative, groundbreaking new tournament formats and products. The new program includes innovative tournament types, designed to inject even greater liquidity into the network. Included in the program are the following:

One-Shot – A One Shot Tournament is an exciting new event offering players just one attempt to achieve their best possible overall score. This is an all out, fast, frantic tournament where the winner takes home the entire prize pool. There are no add-ons or Re-Buys offered for this tournament type.

Reloader – Reloader Tournaments are single round tournaments where add-ons are not available, but players will be able to ‘reload’ for multiple chances of winning. Players have an even playing field, where everyone has the same chance of achieving the top score, with each turn that they take.

Extender – Extender Tournaments are score building events where players can build a total score, using additional coins and time known as add-ons to extend their initial base score, the highest accumulated score will win. A player may also re-buy into this tournament and attempt to beat their previous score.

Survivor – These are multiple round tournaments where a percentage of players are eliminated at the end of each round. Players buy-in to the tournament with a one-off fee and there are no add-ons or re-buys offered within this tournament type. The highest placed survivor takes home the first prize.

Microgaming also has introduced three major Guaranteed Slot Tournaments: the Midweek Moolah, Weekend Whopper, and Monthly Monster. The ‘Moolah’ and the ‘Whopper’ are weekly tournaments, both offering $10,000 in guaranteed prizes. They will both run over three days; one during the week and the other at the weekend. The Monthly Monster is the premier event of the new schedule and is a $25,000 Guaranteed Tournament which runs from the final Monday of every month for seven days.

Microgaming also is introducing Blackjack Attack, a new, weekly $500 guaranteed Blackjack Tournament with multiple rounds, where the highest scoring players progress through the levels.

“Microgaming is always looking for new ways to improve the casino experience and we believe that our Slot and Blackjack Tournament schedules do just that,” said Mike Hebden, Microgaming’s head of casino operations. “We have delivered a number of new, smart, player focused initiatives that we are confident will meet the expectations of even the most discerning casino player and will further increase engagement and uptake from the casino community.

“Microgaming constantly strives for innovation and we will continue to analyse our casino offering and make further improvements to ensure we stay ahead of the curve as the market evolves.”

The new tournament scheduled launched on Monday and features several of Microgaming’s market leading online slots.

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