Adrelalin Gaming's Luck of the Irish game

Adrenalin Gaming's Luck of the Irish

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Adrenalin Gaming’s Luck of the Irish is a five-reel, 20-line penny game for the Class II market that packs an array of attractive features, including free spins, a second-screen top box bonus and a progressive jackpot.

Developed in conjunction with Custom Game Design and introduced this spring in Maryland, Luck of the Irish offers a separate bonus on every reel and further entices players with the possibility of multiple bonuses occurring simultaneously. When a “Rainbow” symbol lands in any position on any reel a rainbow will appear above that reel. If a Rainbow symbol lands on that reel again the rainbow above that reel will disappear. If the “Pot of Gold” symbol lands in any position on a reel while the rainbow is above it, the second screen bonus is activated. “Gold” will trickle down the rainbow into the Pot of Gold above that reel while bonus credits accumulate.

The free spin feature is activated when three or more “Irish Fiddle” symbols appear in any position on any reel. The faster the player finds the hidden Lucky Leprechaun, the more free spins are awarded.