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Bally Technologies has introduced a new 15-reel version of its highly successful Hot Shot Progressive video slot.

Available on Bally’s award-winning ALPHA Elite V20/20 Upright and CineVision platforms, Hot Shot Progressive 15-Reel is a single-denomination game that features 40 lines of play with a 200-credit maximum bet.

What sets this newest version of Hot Shot apart is its 3 x 5, 15-line reel grid that gives players the opportunity to win the game’s top award on every line. Three Game-in-Game scatter symbols trigger the exciting progressive bonus. Players get one spin on each of the five miniature versions of classic Bally three-reel Blazing 7s-themed steppers.

Players also have a chance to play up to 15 Game-in-Games with a single spin. Plus, if a player spins all Game-in-Games without a win they get another chance to re-spin all of the Game-in-Games. This re-spin will continue until a winning combination is achieved.

Hot Shot Progressive 15-Reel offers both configurable credits and configurable denominations ranging from 1 cent to $1,000. The game’s top award is 10,000 credits times the total bet.