New games blend two of the company's top performing game ideas into one

Reel MultiPLAY games blend two of IGT’s top performing game ideas into one – it’s a hybrid of MultiPLAY and 3-D slots following the “play four games at once” creed, but on spinning reels and with configurable pay lines. Each of the four games offers 3 reels, two progressives and configurable lines in single-, three-, five- or nine-pay-line games. Having configurable lines enables operators to cater to all player segments.

The Reel MultiPLAY Slot is a perfect innovation for operators and players. The simple game play and recognizable themes will appeal to the traditional three-reel high and low denom spinning-reel player. This is a 3-D and MultiPLAY game combined into one box – two proven innovations.

Reel MultiPLAY Slots have eight progressives on the same machine – two per game. And, because the games offer Bettor Chance wagering, there is a clear incentive for the player to bet up driving greater coin-in for operators.

MLD technology transformed the way slot players play spinning-reel games. The virtual reels mimic the look, sound and feel of their mechanical counterparts, which is one of the reasons traditional slot players love playing them. New 3-D exclusive themes such as Double Diamond MultiPLAY MLD Slots take MLD spinning reels to the next level. The virtual reels are rounded and spin directly out at the player in 3-D. And when they stop, they wobble and bounce like the real deal.