Rocket-powered video slot takes players for spaceship ride led by Captain Cash Meteor

Fire your retro rockets, raise shields and get ready for an astounding astral adventure. Cash Meteor on Bally Technologies’ brilliant V32 upright video platform, recalls such classic Saturday morning Sci-Fi shows as “Flash Gordon” and “Buck Rogers.”

This rocket-powered video slot engages players by taking them for a ride on a spaceship commanded by none other than courageous Captain Cash Meteor himself.

One of the many features which set Cash Meteor apart is the unique and interactive way players can initiate the reels. The 32-inch vertical LCD screen displays a grid 25 squares. The player can swipe their finger across this game grid in a variety of directions. This causes a small rocket ship to appear which flips the individual squares – which spin independently – revealing various payout combinations.

Cash Meteor also features two out of this world bonus rounds: “Rocket Rescue,” and “What Does This Do?”

In the Rocket Rescue bonus, Captain Cash Meteor dons his spacesuit and rocket pack as he attempts to rescue five of eight prisoners trapped by the evil “Fang the Ferocious.” Players touch the screen and choose which five prisoners to release, revealing bonus points. One of the eight prisoners hides an extra bonus: three treasure pods. The player then touches one of the pods to reveal an additional bonus reward.

Players pilot Cash Meteor’s spacecraft in the What Does It Do bonus round as they attempt to vaporize a looming asteroid by touching five different controls. If enough energy is left over from destroying the asteroid, the player gets a chance to zap Fang the Ferocious for even more bonus points.

Cash Meteor is a five-reel, 50-line video slot with a 2,500-credit max bet. It features configurable lines, configurable credits and multiple denominations ranging from one cent up to $25. The base game’s top award is 25,000 credits x line bet x denomination.

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