New series of animated and interactive games that bring to life great all-American legends

Players in your casino may discover a swagger in their step after they saddle up to Reel Tall Tales, Aristocrat’s first triple standalone progressive in its new VIRDIAN WS cabinet.

Reel Tall Tales are animated and interactive games that bring to life great all-American legends including Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill and Bigfoot. Of course, tales as tall as these can only be told in a really big way, and the huge VIRIDIAN WS cabinet with its 32-inch feature top box is the perfect big fit.

Reel Tall Tales are told with eye-popping graphics and interactive bonuses that keep players engaged and having fun.

Reel Tall Tales comes to life with two bigger-than-life base games: Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill. Paul, Babe the Blue Ox and scenes from his large lumberjacking legends come to life on the video reels, and there are two fun bonus features. In Axe Throw, players have five rounds to throw an axe at a target. The first four rounds earn credits, the last earns a multiplier. In the Free Games feature, the player wins 10 free games with various multipliers.

Pecos Bill has all the rattlesnakes and coyotes you’d expect, plus two big-as-Texas bonus features. In Tornado Riding, the player chooses clouds to reveal credits, and ultimately reveal a tornado for Pecos Bill to ride. The longer the ride, the higher the multiplier. In the free games feature, the player wins 10 free games, and any win with the Tornado substituting are doubled.

Towering over it all are three Bigfoot Bonus features, which come standard on both base games. In Bigfoot’s Pick-a-Foot Progressive, the player chooses five FEET, moving Bigfoot along on a treasure map toward one of the three standalone progressive jackpots. In Bigfoot’s Big Deal, the player collects prizes over three rounds that they can then keep or risk for a credit prize behind the big curtain. In Bigfoot’s Chase, players hunt Bigfoot, and the longer the hunt, the higher the credit prize.

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