Upper Hand Hold 'Emis an exciting new poker concept from Incredible Technologies.

The newest addition to the Magic Touch Innovation Collection highlights the action of video slots and award mechanics of video poker

The strategy behind the most popular poker game of our time is combined with the action of video slots and award mechanics of video poker in Upper Hand Hold 'Em-the exciting new poker concept by Incredible Technologies.

Upper Hand Hold 'Em features a similar play structure as Texas Hold 'Em, where a player is dealt a two-card hand and plays the remaining cards off a five-card community board. Unlike other electronic Hold 'Em-based games, Upper Hand players intuitively compete against 10 hands per round-not artificial intelligence characters-with a goal of winning the most hands and collecting multiple awards from the game’s easy-to-understand pay table.

Upper Hand Hold ‘Em is a multi-denom game designed with particular earnings potential when set at pennies. When playing all 10 hands, a typical player bet ranges from 40 cents to fold and $1 to see all cards and play all hands. With a max bet at $3, players can qualify for a huge 288,000 credit jackpot for a royal flush during a heart-pounding “All In” bet.

Upper Hand Hold ‘Em is one of the newest patent-pending titles in the Magic Touch Innovation Collection comprised of casino games built on a foundation of feature-rich innovation, straight from the IT development lab. At the time of print, the game is scheduled for availability by November 2011.

For more information, visitwww.itcasinogames.com.