When they see red, you’ll see green with Bally Technologies’ Code Red new video slot game.

Code Red cracks the code for red-hot excitement, delivering an authentic spinning-reel experience through its specialized 22-inch “curved” video display on Bally’s new Pro Series Curve game cabinet.

Code Red features Bally’s award-winning U-Spin gesture-control play mechanic. To activate the U-Spin-enabled Wheel Bonus on the curved LCD, the gaming machine features touch-screen reel glass mounted in front of the “curved” LCD display. The U-Spin Wheel Bonus awards progressive jackpots, bonus credits or takes players into a new and exciting free games feature.

When the player is in the free games feature, they receive a variety of awards for each Code Red symbol that appears. An award is displayed above each reel. The awards can either be bonus credits, locked wild symbols or a locked wild reel. When a Code Red symbol appears on a reel, the player receives the award displayed above that reel. Another award is then randomly selected to take its place above the reel.

This free games bonus round averages 50 times the total bet and adds tremendously more excitement and anticipation for the player than other free games features do, because the potential award is displayed above each reel strip, so the players always know what they have the opportunity to win. For even hotter action, Code Red features a Wildfire Bonus with flaming stacked wilds.

Code Red is the first game on Bally’s first-of-its kind Pro Curve cabinet, which offers a number of cutting-edge features, including gaming’s first curved LCD, fully integrated Pro Digital Topper, a giant Super Candle, the iDeck touch-screen, interactive button deck, a custom four-speaker 24-bit sound package, LED cabinet lighting, touch-screen reel glass, and a shared single entry/exit for currency and tickets which makes it easy to access and service key cabinet components.  For more information, visitwww.ballytech.com.