IT’sJohnny Steel: Operation Heistfeatures three “safe cracking” mini games.

Latest game from Incredible Technologies has five bonus challenges

Johnny Steel: Operation Heistwill have players sitting on the edge of their seats as they experience thrilling missions through the eyes of a dashing secret agent seeking the steal of a lifetime.  An action-packed 40-line video slot, Johnny Steel: Operation Heist features three unique “safe cracking” mini games, a heart-pounding bonus game and free spins with  Multi-X Symbols-the exciting line-win accelerator that multiplies symbol values against one another for bigger payouts.

Symbols range from tools of the trade to the coveted treasures, while simultaneous scatter events unlock one of five thrilling bonus challenges for Johnny Steel to conquer. Safe Cracking mini games include; Pick the Lock, Find the Combination and Crack the Safe-each game culminates with a crafty credit win. The Operation: Heist Bonus faces Johnny with his biggest job yet, to crack three mega vaults to collect credits with huge multipliers for the score of the century.  

Johnny Steel: Operation Heist features forced bet options of 40, 80, 120, 160 and 200 with a top award of 32,000 credits at min bet.

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