DerbyJackpot unveils social, online horse racing game with real-money betting.

Casual game makes it easy to bet, watch and win on horse racing

DerbyJackpot has opened the doors to real-money social games by allowing people to bet on live horse races, the only legal way to gamble online in the United States.

Eligible players can joinwww.DerbyJackpot.comto bet real cash, socialize with other players and watch a live video feed of every horse race they place a bet on. Bets start at just 10 cents, and players can pick their favorites from the horses' names, numbers, colors and odds.

DerbyJackpot allows players to bet on horse races from over 100 tracks across the U.S. Players have access to the exact same odds that are available at the tracks; their bets are pooled with all other wagers in real time. The social, casual game is designed as a fun experience for gamers over 18 to play, regardless of their prior experience with horse racing.

DerbyJackpot has three different ways to play:
• The Monkey Bet-bets start at $1, with a big payout if the player chooses the winning horse;
• The Granny Bet-bets start at $1, and the player wins if their horse comes in first, second or third place; and
• The Dime Bet-for just 10 cents, players win big if they match the first four horses in order.

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