Incredible Technologies' Girls Day Out

Heels, handbags and hotties – let’s go, ladies it's a Girls Day Out!

Girls Day Out by Incredible Technologies is an homage to finer things in life that groups of girlfriends enjoy. From a cold glass of champagne to a hot pair of stilettos or an even hotter date, Girls Day Out includes it all in a chic 25-line, five-reel slot experience. At the heart of the game are exciting triple-scatter bonus events triggering multiple award features including free spins, instant wins and more.

Some say the key to great “girls day” is the absence of men – but not so fast, ladies. Sure, there are no pesky boyfriends or penny-pinching husbands in this slot game but a trip to the Pick-a-Date bonus game features of host of hunks with big credit wins and more free spins at stake.

Girls Day Out features 25 lines with forced bet options of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150, dedicating credits towards bonus events to maximize the experience for players and drive coin-in for operators. Free spin events feature enriched pay tables with stacked symbol sets and retrigger possibilities. Top award is 2,000 credits at max bet and operators can fine tune payback percentage from 85 percent to 98 percent in 1 percent increments.

Girls Day Out is the newest addition to the Traditional Collection of Magic Touch casino games, with heavy focus on comfortable reel configurations, player anticipation, bonus events, exciting win animations and simple interfaces. The Traditional Collection is offered in conjunction with an innovation-inspired collection of Magic Touch casino games, as well as video poker, keno and Illinois VGT game collections.

Girls Day Out offers unique banking opportunities with its sister product, Guys Night. Both games debuted at Indian Gaming 2011 with anticipated availability this summer.

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