IGT's Hot Pursuit Poker

Join the race for poker fun with this new, group play-style video poker game from International Game Technology. IGT’s Hot Pursuit Poker features a never-before-seen group play concept, paired with an unprecedented bonus experience. Individual games play out on the AVP platform, providing a great canvas for poker play with crisp and engaging graphics.

Players receive eligibility for the bonus for every dealt 3-of-a-kind. All players with at least a “Lap 1” eligibility enter the group bonus. The big screen group poker event brings everyone together for some fun, as three rows of unrevealed poker hands build some racing excitement.

Lap 1 status plays the single bottom hand, Lap 2 plays the bottom two hands, and Lap 3 plays all three hands. And while Hot Pursuit Poker offers a myriad of new features to players, it’s also loaded with video poker favorites. The multi-game format gives players a large choice of Triple Play Draw Poker and Five Play poker games.

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