TheG4 Organic Multicenter roulette and dice gamesis designed for 12 players and up to 80 games per hour.

Interblock's multiplayer technology can handle 60 to 80 games per hour

One of the latest innovations from Interblock USA is the G4 Organic Multicenter roulette and dice games, designed for 12 players.

The Multicenter generates between 60 and 80 games on each center per hour. Every playstation comes equipped with proximity sensor, which prolongs the lifetime of the monitors. The illumination of the machine brings out the beautifully designed curves of playstation with ergonomic arm and foot rests. The Multicenter Products are easily recognized by its discrete Organic sign. Another recognizable sign, Interblock logo, is placed on the upper panel of playstation. The logo is nicely illuminated and serves as a RFID reader for authorized access. G4 Organic Multicenter with two generators can be optionally equipped with an integrated and four sided player information display for better visibility.

The company offers a wide range of products from Multicenter family, as they come in different shapes with 14 and 16 play stations and two or three Centers.

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