Incredible Technologies' latest video reel slot features seven random award events

Gather your change as fast as you can, here comes Dandy Dan the Ice Cream Man with his squeaky clean truck packed with treats!

Dandy Dan the Ice Cream Manputs a unique twist on a throwback theme with five colorful reels and 25 lines of video slot action. Mounds of ice cream themed symbols are piled with seven unique random award events-including various wild reveals, award multipliers, instant winners, re-spin opportunities and loads of free spins. This multitude of events-as whimsical as they are worthy-keep the game as fresh as the flavors it portrays.

But it’s not all swirly cones in Fun Town. In the Fun Town Meltdown bonus game, a broken down ice cream truck is threatened by the heat of the summer triggering a freebie frenzy of credit wins! Lucky customers gobble up the goodies as Dandy Dan frantically flings his half-frozen credit wins, players can win up to 10,000 credits.

Dandy Dan the Ice Cream Man features forced bet options of 40, 80, 120, 160 and 200, dedicating credits towards bonus events to maximize the experience for players and drive coin-in for operators. Random award events trigger often-1 in 37 spins on average-and free spins feature enriched paytables. Top award is 12,500 credits at min bet.

Dandy Dan the Ice Cream Man is the newest addition to the Innovation Collection comprised of casino games built on a foundation of feature-rich innovation, straight from the IT development lab. The Innovation Collection is offered in conjunction with a Traditional Collection of games with a focus on comfortable reel configurations, player anticipation, bonus events, exciting win animations and simple interfaces.

Dandy Dan the Ice Cream Man was shown at G2E 2011 with an expected availability before the end of the year.

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