Family Vacationis a new 25-line game from Incredible Technologies.

Latest Magic Touch Innovation Collection game will be at NIGA, available this spring

Family Vacationis a lighthearted 25-line joyride born from the creative thinkers at Incredible Technologies. The game’s colorful symbols are comprised of an equally colorful cast of characters you’d expect in any family road trip, from baby sis on up to sleepy grandpa and even the family pooch!

While line wins are celebrated with hundreds of hilarious family antics, it’s the Are We There Yet Random Board Game Bonus that will really goose your gas pedal. Triggered randomly by the family station wagon, the bonus awards players dice rolls with generous credit wins, free spins and On-a-Roll mini games.

Family Vacation features huge grouped wild wins and IT’s newest innovation Multi-X™ symbols. Available in free spins only, multipliable symbols are displayed as dice where each value multiplies against the last!

Family Vacation is the newest addition to the Magic Touch Innovation Collection comprised of casino games built on a foundation of feature-rich innovation, straight from the IT development lab. The Innovation Collection is offered in conjunction with a Traditional Collection of games with a focus on comfortable reel configurations, player anticipation, bonus events, exciting win animations and simple interfaces.

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