Goddess of The Woodsgame incorporates natural payline algorithms to make wins more intuitive.

Natural payline algorithms make Cadillac Jack's latest game more intuitive for the player

Goddess of The Woodsjoins Cadillac Jack’s newest product series Connect To Win. The game incorporates natural payline algorithms to make wins more intuitive, which frees the player from memorizing numerous non-intuitive paylines and makes the winning experience easier to understand.

With Connect To Win the natural paylines contiguous path is traced from any position on the leftmost reel to any position on the rightmost, proceeding horizontally, diagonally upward, or diagonally downward. Only the highest paying combination of a single symbol combination is awarded.

Goddess of the Woods is a journey inside a magical forest. Set in the forest, the background is alive and moving and seamlessly switches from the base game to free spin background.

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