Following in the footsteps of our successful line of premium video MONOPOLY™ slots is YAHTZEE, the first standalone video slot featuring one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The majority of players surveyed indicated they would likely try this game due to the appealing theme and attractive top box alone!

Once they sit down at the game, your players are in for a rare treat: thanks to a unique storage mechanic, even minimum bet players have the chance at progressive awards! YAHTZEE allows players to save bonus triggers to use when they want - they can initiate the bonus each time they collect a trigger, or save up five bonus chips for a chance at eight progressive award amounts!

Once they’ve entered the Yahtzee Party Bonus, players shake and roll the dice into the top box, receiving up to three rolls for a chance at a Yahtzee for jackpot or progressive awards! There’s also the 4 to a Yahtzee feature that gives players one roll of the die for a 1 in 6 chance at a Yahtzee jackpot, and on top of that, there’s the Yahtzee Wild Multiplier that can augment base wins by up to 36x!

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